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While it’s a powerful language, it may not be the best fit for every situation. We have in-house dedicated and experienced Golang developers in who are available to engage in the work for 160 hours per month. The experiences of our Go developers range from 1 year to 5 years at a competitive starting rate of USD 30 per hour. We will provide you with a senior programmer who will offer you an hourly rate of USD 50 per hour.

Georgia Today: ‘Woke’ language removed from teacher training; VP … – GPB News

Georgia Today: ‘Woke’ language removed from teacher training; VP ….

Posted: Fri, 12 May 2023 21:48:59 GMT [source]

The cost of Golang development depends on your project specifications. It is always our priority to provide the best experience of web & mobile development to the clients. Regarding it, we use the latest tech stack for Golang development. This static programming language has a simple syntax and is memory-managed, which are more reasons why it has become so favored. Golang is easy to pick up and use due to the simple and easy learning curve. Yet, still, even though Golang is relatively new, it was considered the most favorable, simple, and unbelievably easy to learn and use out of many.

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Google itself uses Go for Google Cloud Platform, YouTube, Google Chrome download server, and a bunch of smaller projects to improve scalability and performance. You’ll find some well-known names, such as Heroku, SoundCloud, BBC, Basecamp, Bitly, among the adopters of this language. At Uvik, you can hire a Golang developer with the entire remote team, including project managers, software consultants, designers, testers, etc. However, you can also opt-in for hiring them as a part of your existing team and enjoy smooth collaboration. Software team augmentation helps you when you need to quickly scale your software team or you look for a specific tech stack.

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The result is an app that’s adaptive to increased demand without crashing the system. Multipurpose – Go is compilable across platforms and hardware, which makes it a suitable tool for developing all kinds of modern software. Find out more about how Arc successfully helped our partners in hiring remote Go developers. If you’re not ready to commit to the paid plans, our free job posting service is for you. By posting your job on Arc, you can reach up to 250,000 developers around the world. With that said, the free plan will not give you access to pre-vetted Go developers.

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We definitely recommend Toptal for finding high quality talent quickly and seamlessly. Andy is a businessman who understands the fundamentals of business and who knows how to code. Overall, he’s very experienced in nearly all aspects of contemporary web development, deployment, DevOps, and the elements of building a solid stack that can scale.

Global economies have ensured that the sun never sets, and so have we. Our ‘follow the sun’ support model ensures that we provide remote global customer support 24 x 7, thus increasing responsiveness and reducing delays. EarlySalary is an innovative money lending platform based on superior customer profiling. Users who download their app can apply for instant loans with different tenures, based on their credit history.

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With fruitful interaction, get the best possible solutions for your problems from our consultation and support team. Our team of capable and experienced developers handle your unique business needs efficiently and have working experience in versatile domains. Since people are highly attracted to mobile gaming apps, it can raise huge opportunities for businesses to increase revenue, run ads, and stay engaged with a large user base. Ecommerce business owners can get More Sales with our Slick, Fast, Flexible eCommerce applications. Sapphire Software Solutions has built a toy warehouse application that allows customers to purchase toys online with a few clicks and scale their business. There are native concurrency capabilities in Golang, including Channels and Goroutines are the two types of processes that work well for network applications.

hire golang language developer

This lets everyone on an engineering team work individually on a common codebase while minimizing conflict and maximizing transparency. Go was originally built by Google to help out with networking and infrastructure, replacing popular server-side languages like Java and C++. Many popular infrastructure tools such as Kubernetes, Docker and Prometheus are written in Go. The easy-to-manage, high-visibility ensure that you’re always working with the best Golang developers.

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As applications and processing move to the Cloud, concurrency becomes an increasingly important issue. A cloud computing system enables the sharing and scaling of resources. Applications written in Golang are highly performant, reliable, and concurrent.

hire golang language developer